Don’t Throw Away! Recycle Children’s Toys

Childrens Toys images 3So your child has outgrown his toys. There just doesn’t seem to be enough space in his room for his birthday gift toys. How about the basement or attic? Is there space there to pack up and store his toys?

Rather than going the “hoarders” route or the “wasteful throw it away” path, how about trying the recycle option? Are you aware that there are children who would love to play with your child’s discarded toys? Your child’s old toys are another child’s new toys! Of course, this article refers to your child’s toys that are in good, playable condition, not broken. While these toys are used, they are also in a condition which will allow them to be used again. I am not referring to broken toys, Trucks with two wheels missing, dolls with limbs missing, or puzzles with pieces missing do not qualify!

Once you identify that your child no longer plays with a particular toy, why not take advantage of this occasion to encourage your child to be generous by donating the toy to a good cause? You might be pleasantly surprised to find that your child will be more than willing to part with an outgrown toy, knowing that other little girls and boys would be delighted to receive the toy.

Children’s Toys And Hobbies Today Are Much Different Than Those Of 80′s And 90′s Kids

The world that children are growing up in today is far different from what I remember as a kid growing up. I was born in the 1980s, which was not long ago at all. However, with the speed at which technology evolves in the present time, a lot of changes have occurred.

When I was in elementary school, I played with action figures, like Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles or Disney characters. There was also the Pogs craze and of course, Ty Beanie Babies. I can remember our first computer, it ran on MS-DOS, and the games we played were on floppy disks. I can also remember a time without the Internet. And also a time when AOL was the most popular Internet service provider.

Childrens Toys images 2The majority of my free time as a child was spent outdoors, weather permitting. I played with chalk, rode my bike and participated in outdoor games with neighbor kids. My friends and I went for walks and found alternate ways to occupy our time that did not involve an electronic device.

My friends and I made three-way calls on cordless phones that were twice the size of phones made in the present time. Further, my first cell phone, which was before even flip phones had been manufactured, had a grayish-green screen with black font and a four-inch retractable antenna.

Kids growing up in the world today have been exposed to a much different world. They have always lived in a world with the Internet, computers and other devices that are used on a daily basis. Their hobbies are also different and include playing video games, surfing the Internet and watching YouTube. Kids are even given smartphones, sometimes as early as elementary school.

Sure there are still many similarities, like playing with dolls, Legos and cars, but there are also many differences. While I believe technological advancements have been great for the economy and for improving the efficiency of our lives along with the world we live in, I do see some disadvantages as well. I think some important things are missing from children’s lives today, including exposure to different forms of art and music. I also think that communicating electronically so frequently hinders social skills.

Choosing Non-Savvy Children’s Toys

Children’s toys of yesteryears are somewhat forgotten and left on their shelves because of the presence of modern and high-tech ones. Most parents of today would buy savvy toys just because other parents do so. Not only do these toys are expensive, but they’re also not as educational. Numerous savvy toys are played independently and others are exposing children to some form of violence and negative competitiveness.

If you love children and would like them to enjoy playtime without the complexities and negative effects of technology, it is best to give them the following:

[1] Play sets

Kitchen and tea time play sets are among the olden types of toys that tickle the imagination of children. You can see them role-playing and interacting with their playmates using these toys. You may also see potential if the kids are quite creative in the way they play with these toys. A future chef or baker may be on the way thanks to a kitchen play set he or she is actively playing with. Or see how your little one interacts with other children while playing tea time. They could be acting like proper adults enjoying their snack in those tiny cups and saucers.

[2] Wooden toys

Childrens Toys images 1There are many toys made of wood and most of them that are produced today are eco-friendly as well. Introduce your child to wooden toys such as those that move and can be pushed and pulled. Toy trains, trucks, and cars are among the movable toys that have wheels on them. Wooden puzzles, alphabet blocks, blackboards, doll houses, and tables and chairs are among the favorites of children in the olden days. But you will find these in many toy stores today as well. Think of the many games and activities that your kids can integrate into playing with these toys. They can play and learn at the same time, while interacting with other children, too.

[3] Teepees

When thinking about getting your child a teepee, there’s always a sense of adventure and possible creative ways your child can play with this toy. Kids can play cowboy and Indian; have a sleepover; camp inside or outside your home; and even dine inside these teepees. All you need to do is find good quality teepees from an online or offline store to ensure the safety of your kids. Most of these teepee tents are made of polyester material with wooden or light aluminum poles.